((Where Are All These Tentacles Coming From))

((what do you when you get letters denouncing you for sleeping with monsters??))

((sleep with said monster more, naturally))

#nsfw #tentacles #honestly very tame

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Well, if it suits you, I'd be glad to lend my voice to all this, and ensure you have a pleasant evening.

I think we should all pile in to my townhouse and have a time of it! You’re officially invited, and I am well on my way to inebriation. Quickly, you’ll be just in time to hear me play Brahms like an angry toddler.

(That said, I hope you’re not worried about my peace of mind, Harpelynn - I can assure you, I bounce back like it is my business. Are you sure you shouldn’t rest?)

Darlings, let me visit you with wine and music to soothe those shaking hands -- it's no weakness to be sick or scared or tired, but your friends are here to hearten you. Your love is an inspiration, whatever these Pharisees are saying. Yours, Narciso

I’ve no idea how I manage to keep myself straight around you. You’re all bottomless kindness and a poet’s tongue, and you have read my mind. Lord, I think we could all use some wine right now.

It’s a deal, of course - you, and especially your music, are always welcome. Have you heard my attempts at piano? Laughable. I need to absorb as much talent from proximity as possible.

I want you to know that you and Thoth are both welcome to stay with Casey and myself until this is resolved. If you would rather not, then I will do everything I can to make sure you are under protection. You are family to me, and I won't let these people hurt you. ~Roland


You’re such a darling - I don’t know what to say beyond that. Thank you for your kindness. Thoth won’t go right now (I’m not sure he’ll go at all), and I want to stay with him, so we won’t trouble you with our company just yet. But we’ll stay in contact. I, for one, would welcome an extra pair of eyes, but the idea, well. It infuriates my husband. 

Are you both all right? I saw the article in the paper - I must confess, I’m more worried about the two of you than ourselves. Any group who would steal human remains is unhinged, at best.

*A brick smashes through Chaucer's window in the dead of night. A note is tied to it. It reads: "Those who lie with monsters will be executed as monsters. You have been judged, and found guilty. The Lakewood Lodge is watching." There is no signature, only the drawing of a cross made of chain links.

I am too exhausted to respond in anger, and it is more than a bodily exhaustion, I feel. Thoth hasn’t said a word since I stopped him from rushing into the street at some ungodly hour, and is wound so tight that all I can do is be glad he’s staying here, with me.

I am sick, and I am tired, and I am afraid. I know it’s gauche to admit my shaking hands, especially with such a capable circle of scarred and muscled confidantes, but. Well. I don’t have quite the stomach for this. I never have.

Be safe, my dears. Keep touch. 

I am truly sorry, for whatever those wretches said to you. They're a mean and inferior lot.

Honestly, it’s nothing we haven’t heard before, but a rock through your window in the middle of the night isn’t something you get used to, I’m afraid.

I heard about your own, er… contact. Ghastly. I count myself lucky I didn’t receive any ‘gifts’.

Re: Lakewood Lodge; a few weeks after that gross letter


So far identified several possible members, linked to a certain church [the location is written here]

-Elias Crowe. Preaches very well, but distastefully. Matches vague description of man who purchased half-melted chain that once belonged to Jeremiah. Has an anvil and a sufficiently heated fire in basement of house. Reason to believe that ‘man with iron mask’ is him.

Why would someone have a large iron cross in their house??

-‘Big man’. Name not known. Enforcer. Reason to believe that ‘big man’ involved in police assault is him. Incredibly sexist.

-‘Woman 1’. Widow. Harsh but respectable. Talented at stirring up mobs.

-‘Woman 2’. Religious. Hangs around revolutionaries who apparently have a prayer circle before they discuss how to bring down the Bazaar. Friends with the type of people who can procure things for a price, with no trail.

I spent a reasonable amount of time listening to TERRIBLE sermons and painstakingly tracking people to get this (also was yelled at by Elias, it was an experience). Use wisely and well. I have faith in all of you. Please take care of yourselves if you choose to use this information.

[These notes were copied several times and handed to Roland Banning, Jane, Dr. Thurlow, Chaucer Milling, Narciso, Alexis.]

Thank you for this, Harpelynn. I’m… reluctant, to display the letter I was sent, as it’s got me quite shaken. But this list is helpful, and I know I’m not speaking alone when I say that your efforts are really, truly appreciated.

I’m not sure what’s going on, but I am also wishing for everyone’s safety in the coming days. Please, friends, be cautious. 

Chaucer! Do you have any tattoos?

A curious question!

I don’t, sadly - I’ve always thought about getting the written word affixed in a more permanent fashion to my body, but I can never decide where, or what. I fancied something floral, a few months ago, but never followed through. Oh, I’m too fickle. There’s no way I’d be able to stop at one.

Do you have any suggestions, anonymous listener?